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Digitize your marketing communication.

Once your business is on social media, it’s no longer merely a brand or a product – but a content broadcaster. So, are you ready to compete, thrive and stand out as one? To help tackle business challenges even more effectively and to keep your brand relevant, consistent, entertaining and engaging, we have grouped our expertise in focused packages, including B2C and B2B marketing communication. From market research, strategy and campaign concepts, to film production and content creation and distribution, we’re here to do what we do best – support you. This includes online media, social media channel optimization, content seeding, influencer marketing and community management, as well as detailed performance reporting and campaign tracking/analytics.

Sputnik Floyd is a privately-owned company currently present in Europe and Latin America, operating from Berlin and Asunción. We speak 6 languages and service businesses from all over the world, of all sized and across a wide variety of national and global sectors and industries. We empower you with the ability to outperform competitors and focus on your target audience, while ensuring that your communication is strategically positioned to enjoy the broadest reach and best engagement.



With 87% of the population on Social Media, Paraguay is by far the most connected country in Latin America.
But due to the country’s smaller population (7 million) in comparaison to its neighbours, this market has not been yet taken seriously by the digital industry.

Paraguay uses most of its digital supply from bigger markets such as Brazil & Argentina. Both deliver strong support, but miss out on the relevant, local and cultural aspect, which when it comes to content, is crucial.
The youth is extremely active on social media, having chosen instagram as a favourite, a wave of influencers is marking a new era of expression and development in the social media arena.

Sputnik Floyd strongly believes in the change and development happening in Paraguay and wants to support the new wave.
Having found likeminded and well established local partners, Sputnik Floyd has launched its operation in Asuncion on the 1st of November 2019.

On November the 20th SF organised the first digital conference in the capital “The Digital Brand Broadcast PY2019” addressing a crowd of over 100 top executives & marketeers, with the support of the Club Ejecutivos PY. Our management tackled new communication trends & techniques, such as efficiency in B2B marketing, advertising and content for e-sports-gaming, the new trends and the power of branded content and revealed some interesting statistics on the digital potential of the local market.

To make it all more entertaining, Sputnik Floyd pulled off a stunt in one of the capital’s most busy streets, by fake-crashing an unbranded sputnik satellite planted right before sunrise.
By Monday morning, hundreds of people where talking about the crash and wondering about its origins. By the end of the day 10.000 users where reached, with a potential visibility of around 70.000 people, even a radio station brought up the mysterious space object.. This stunt was specially orchestrated to announce the arrival of Sputnik Floyd to Paraguay, and to be used as a little showcase on how to grab influencer’s attention without approaching them in the conventional methods, which was one of the seminar’s topics.

Sputnik Floyd is already partnering up with local brands, planning a disruptive fresh and impactful digital communication, which hopefully will set the new standards in online marketing.

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