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Digitize your marketing communication.

Once your business is on social media, it’s no longer merely a brand or a product – but a content broadcaster. So, are you ready to compete, thrive and stand out as one? To help tackle business challenges even more effectively and to keep your brand relevant, consistent, entertaining and engaging, we have grouped our expertise in focused packages, including B2C and B2B marketing communication. From market research, strategy and campaign concepts, to film production and content creation and distribution, we’re here to do what we do best – support you. This includes online media, social media channel optimization, content seeding, influencer marketing and community management, as well as detailed performance reporting and campaign tracking/analytics.

Sputnik Floyd is a privately-owned company currently present in Europe and Latin America, operating from Berlin and Asunción. We speak 6 languages and service businesses from all over the world, of all sized and across a wide variety of national and global sectors and industries. We empower you with the ability to outperform competitors and focus on your target audience, while ensuring that your communication is strategically positioned to enjoy the broadest reach and best engagement.


To B2B
or not
to be..

Although a large number of companies are technologically advanced and depend on the latest innovations for their production and processes, many are still behind when it comes to their digital marketing.

There is a misconception that social media and content marketing is only for the B2C segment. But targeted social selling on the business social media networks LinkedIn and XING is generating sales and leads. Overall 80 % of B2B leads generated on social media come from LinkedIn alone.

B2B buyers usually know exactly what they are looking for. Therefore, sellers need to establish a tailor-made B2B customer journey and take into consideration the long and complex purchasing process which involves multiple decision makers who look into different variables.

A well-structured, targeted, managed and planned content that is data driven will positively reflect on your business channels. It will build trust, increase brand awareness and increase the quality of website traffic, generating new business leads and creating long term customer relationships.

LinkedIn alone has approximately 600 million users, out of which 10 million members in the DACH market and it grows by 2 new users per second. XING has around 13 million members, almost exclusively from the DACH region. 45% of these users hold key managerial roles and are of high importance when it comes to B2B targeting.
The fact that people on these platforms reveal data such as their company profile, industry, company size, job title, experience and career level is a key ingredient for an accurate and well targeted marketing for very specific audiences.

The best form of communication for B2B remains Video content, which generates 5 times more comments and 3 times more engagement than the “text-only” posts.
Additionally, the average view-through rate for video ads is approximately 30%.

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