Social Media Marketing
Awareness, Sales & Leads

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Generate B2B leads successfully with social selling.

B2B communication is a whole different game, and it works! It’s called social selling.

Many marketeers wonder how social media could serve their objectives, scale up sales and generate leads. Well, with the right channels, creative, test posts, customized-targeted messages, weekly reporting and constant fine tuning, you could turn social media into your strongest weapon when it comes to marketing efficiency.

The conditions for formulating a B2B marketing strategy are different from B2C. While B2C marketing is based often on mass communication targeting individuals who make spontaneous purchase decisions, in B2B the purchase decision is more complex but the target audience is way more selective, much more defined and specific. Often several employees are involved in the purchase process. Therefore, the decision-making process is less emotional, it requires more details and takes more time.

It’s all about connecting with potential clients or decision makers, providing added value, and thereby gaining confidence and new business leads. Especially a major part of the people registered on the big Business Networks, like e.g. LinkedIn and XING, are interested in making business contacts and form the target audience for our approach.

Our Sputnik Floyd team starts by learning about your business, understanding your products, living your brand and x-raying your potential customers.

We also closely watch your competitors to update and consult you on how to stay competitive and on top of your game.

No matter what your business is and what businesses your targeting, there is always a way to turn social media into a serious growth tool.

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