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Houston, we have a solution!

We believe that engaging and impactful communication should trickle down to every aspect of the process, from ideation and planning, to execution and content distribution.

At SPUTNIK FLOYD, campaigns are seen as messages to be delivered from our clients to the appropriate target audience in the fastest, most effective and engaging way. We fire up the buzz you need to achieve your business goals and elevate the brand by helping it make a lasting impression.

As such, our creative, online media and production teams work closely together to craft a customized marketing campaign – whether B2C or B2B – that is best suited to tackle any challenge.

Beyond digital and fully integrated campaigns, we also offer Phygital Activations, a combination of reality and the power of virtual technology which is capable to deliver the best of both worlds.

At the core of this is a conviction that people are willing to interrupt their activities to engage in an unusual, exciting and entertaining experience. Our team knows exactly how to create such moments, execute and capture them in the best way possible, making sure that the activation gets all the attention it deserves by employing a smart seeding and social media strategy. This type of experiential marketing puts products in consumers’ hands in an interactive manner, which promotes a lasting impression and positive overall feeling toward the brand.

In brief, we have played with all types of media channels, from digital, print, film, interactive and stunt, to gaming, social media, mobile and much more.

We always prioritize efficiency but aim to achieve it creatively.