Social media coverage
& live broadcast


Make your event the talk of the town.

Long gone are the times when event marketing only took place offline.

Unless it is private or confidential, the success of an event is measured by the reach and buzz that it creates. We see events as a broadcasting stage, whether it is a B2B occasion that requires communicating on Xing and LinkedIn, or a B2C that mandates connecting via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch or selected blogs and influencers. In either case, we help broadcast your message and raise awareness of the event by targeting the relevant audience via social media.

Your event will get the attention it ought to have with our help in strategic thinking and social media planning. We’ll help you make the most out of efficient social media channels, as well as brief, contract and manage relevant influencers and publishers from our network.

In other words, we’re there for you from setup and live stream connection, to actual coverage of the event. Our dedicated film crew, live stream experts, influencer network and social media team are ready to capture, publish and seed your event content, whether you’re throwing a party, organizing a seminar, staging a product launch, running a competition, rolling out the catwalk for a fashion show, or anything else you endeavor to achieve.