As Fanta went to fully sponsors esports, with a big focus on FIFA, one of playstation's favourite in the Middle East, the client needed to create a big buzz. Having legends such as Figo and Deco at our reach, we decided to build on their popularity in the Middle East.

We invited 2 of the top know gamers to challenge each other. Of course, they thought they will have to face each other in a decisive game. But they were shocked to meet our football celebrities and learn that they would have to coach and train them to a game between Figo and Deco.

This emotional twist of having a regular gamer get the opportunity to get in the driver's seat and have the power and authority to interact and coach his idol, proved to be the perfect piece of content giving FANTA the buzz it deserves and the touch the heart of the gamers in the whole region.

Our team members worked and lead on the above projects. These projects are owned by the clients and agencies in which they were created.