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Be on top of your game!

Online gaming has gone mainstream. With around 2.3 Billion players worldwide, and 34 million in Germany alone, gamers and e-sports fans are without a doubt one of the hottest and most dedicated communities out there.

From kids and teenagers, to adults aged 45 years and above, gamers’ constant connectivity has made them a very interesting audience for targeted online communication.

With that in mind, SPUTNIK FLOYD focuses on offering a wide range of digital marketing services and generating concepts that entertain and appeal to this specific audience, all while targeting both the appropriate demographic and brand with relevant communication.

Each product has its own marketing challenge; this includes campaigns, various pieces of content, live streams, activations, sponsorships, product placement, media booking, endorsements or social media/Twitch ad placements. We make your brand as appealing as possible for gamers by exploring a broad array of marketing possibilities through what we call Branded Gaming Broadcast.

By compiling first-hand insights from our network of specialists from the gaming field, e-sports and gaming communities, we help you decide on the approach and strategy that make the most out of your communication. Choose from a variety of relevant platforms, including Twitch, the live streaming platform for gamers, with whom we have partnered to closely coordinate, plan and publish our campaigns.