Social Media Channel Optimization – YOUTUBE example:

Almost 50 years of video content is uploaded onto YouTube every day, about 13 years’ worth of video viewing and over 30 million daily users. These numbers have captured the attention of many businesses and has led to a considerable raise in content production budgets.

However, research has shown that 100 of largest German family businesses (ranking according to "The German economy") still do not use YouTube in their communication strategy. In many cases, videos are often uploaded in large numbers and without any clear strategy just for the sake of filing up the channel or storing content.

But YouTube is much more than just a free video archive:

• Videos have become an integral part of any brand’s communication. Video content enables companies to deliver various messages to different target groups, delivering on multiple objectives from brand messaging to showcasing their products. There is a wide range of video formats, such as branded content, viral videos, image films, trade fair films, how-to videos, explanatory films, product videos, employer branding videos and many more.
• Many users start their online search on YouTube. After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine and the most visited website in the world (before Facebook!)
• YouTube offers brands and companies the opportunity to engage in a direct dialogue with their audiences and strengthen their customer loyalty - for example, by answering questions or acknowledging positive user comments.

However, to make the best use of your YouTube channel, you need a strategically maintained channel with a clear idea and well-planned content.

Our YouTube Channel Optimization offers exactly that and more. It enhances all YouTube ranking factors, allows the best possible organic reach and performance in terms of user engagement for every video and channel. This is based on an intensive analysis of the relevant videos and channels, while also taking competition into consideration.

In addition to the basic channel setup, such as eyecatcher profile- & title images, welcome videos, channel descriptions, social media links, etc., we assess all content with regard to relevant thumbnails, strong and smart descriptive texts, tags, keywords, as well as the thematical categorization of the videos in playlists.

We also look into how the YouTube channel is building more trust for the brand and how it is performing in terms of engagement. Both of these components strongly affect YouTube's ranking algorithms.

Throughout the process we identify all remaining weaknesses and offer our clients appropriate solutions. Once the YouTube optimization is completed, we offer a manual with all the necessary steps to enable our partners to manage their channels independently.