Social media channel
optimization & management


Optimize your channels to optimize your reach.

When you hear that “Everyone else is doing it,” you know that it’s probably time to consider Social Media Channel Optimization, but we’ll give you better reasons why you actually need it.

Having a channel, already makes you a broadcaster. So you need to get your content planned and organized in order to maximize your performance and grow your audience.

Instead of just setting up an account on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc and using those channels just to host content, a proper optimization of your social media channels allows you to have a clear content strategy, positioning, structure and design for your channel.

Your channels will turn into a search engine tool which automatically gets you more online visibility and generates more organic traffic on your content, strengthen your brand, broaden the connection with your target audience and provides new leads.

Each channel and type of content has unique ways to serve your marketing goals due to the various ways your audience behaves on each of these different platforms.

We’ll help you organize your content/inventory in user-friendly Playlists, develop relevant tag matrix and find the right keywords, develop well-written content descriptions and titles, eye-catching thumbnails (thumbstoppers) that encourages and entices people to engage with your content. Above this, we also adjust your channel setting in order to get the best possible performance and visibility to organically grow a sustainable audience. Social media optimization is in many ways connected to the technique of viral marketing or “viral seeding”.