For e-commerce
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Give your products the limelight they deserve.

When it comes to generating engagement, awareness and sales, no tool is more effective than product videos.

Still images are quickly becoming yesterday’s news, and yet brands are struggling to keep up with the costs associated with producing creative and effective product videos.

This is exactly why SPUTNIK FLOYD has streamlined the process and cut the costs, to give you superb e-commerce support, in addition to expert creative input on a high-end quality production.

One of our most popular solutions is the SHOTBOT, a fully automated studio that uses program-controlled lighting and robotic camera movement, allowing us to shoot large quantities of high-quality videos per session at a very affordable price.

SHOTBOT is the perfect solution for businesses that deal with many different products, or that constantly aim to promote new items on their social media and, in particular, their online shop.

Put simply, we make your product look like a superstar.